Striking a Balance

Take some deep breaths. Every day we wake to fresh news about the increasingly scary coronavirus. While we mustn’t underestimate the situation of Covid-19 and its rapid spread, it’s fair to say that the level with which superlatives and doomsday scenarios hit us can be overwhelming. Even for the most positive of people. And all of us are feeling it. Not just in our emotions but our day to day routine. It already feels all-encompassing, yet it’s thought it will become even more so. So we wait with the world, hoping and praying for a horizon that brings positive signs.
As a tour operator, we are, of course, in no position to offer an expert view on how or when this situation will decrease. But we do know that we need to find a balance to counteract the levels of hyperbole. It is critical that we focus on caring for each other and the world we live in. Yes, extreme reactions to the virus might have an understandable basis, but there’s a real need to ensure our responses are sensible and measured.
With Indian Excursions, we created a travel company that is rooted in care. Caring for our staff and the people and partners we work with, but most importantly, our guests. We’re listening to the needs of our guests. For some, that means postponing their trip to a later date. For others, its putting plans on hold until these challenging times have passed. For many, it means providing reassurance that travel to Rajasthan will be absolutely fine in the near future. We care for the beautiful people and partners across India who we’ve worked with for years. Fear-driven reactions and knee-jerk cancellations will only hurt the livelihoods of communities for whom travel has always been their lifeblood.
That’s why we will continue to support and encourage people to travel on our tours. We’re here to help our guests, new and old, achieve their travel dreams. We’ll pay careful heed to your concerns while providing help in navigating the ever-evolving situation. Let’s strike a balance and continue to celebrate this colourful corner of the planet. Let’s make sure we don’t let down the communities for whom the travel business is a lifeline.
As for us, trust us – we’re not going anywhere! We’ve got through worse, and as a small business, we’re not subjected to the kind of overheads some of our competitors are. We are in a strong position to bounce back and meanwhile, take the quieter moments to reflect on our tours and itineraries and better the Indian Excursions experience.
Of course, we’ll continue to monitor Covid-19 closely as it develops. But while we wait, know that we are always here, ready to talk and get stuck into the planning of your trip to India.
Shiv and Madeleine
Co-Founders of Indian Excursions Co
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Madeleine Hann

I take care of our guests before they arrive in India. I'm our Tour Designer and it's my job to create your itinerary. I'm there every step of the way, to ensure that your trip to India runs smoothly.

Shiv Gurjar

I'm in charge of operations, so I take care of you when you arrive in India. It's me who does a lot of the behind-the-scenes tasks, such as communicating with drivers and guides.